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Bloodthorn Press is the game design and publishing flip-side to Play Passionately, my blog about my personal gaming preferences. I have designed a few games and I do have a few things to say about design but I want to keep the two projects separate. Here you’ll find the games I’ve designed and notes on my other game related pet projects.

Bloodthorn Press is intended to be a low-maintenance commercial venture. The first phase of that is simply a donation button. If you like my work and feel like contributing, I thank you in advance. I hope to eventually work the games and ideas here into salable books. However, I have a very “it’s done when it’s done” mindset and have no intention of working Bloodthorn Press into a “job” level work load. This is a strictly hobby-for-profit project.

All feedback on the material presented here is welcome and appreciated. If you play one of my games please send me the list of all who participated so that I may credit them in future revisions.

In Playtest

  • Haunted – A Runner Up Ronnies Entry
  • Silent Sound – Brand New!  Ground Up Rewrite, March 2010
  1. Character Creation
  2. Mechanics Flowing In The Wrong Direction

Alpha Games

  1. Jonathan Walton’s Comments on The Extraordinarily Horrible Children of Raven’s Hollow

Hacks & Supplements For Other Games

On The Shelf


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